The inclusion of a new participant can be done at any time of the year.

Right to participate

Any medical institution - an independent clinical laboratory, or a medical institution with a clinical laboratory in its structure - can participate in NSVOK's programs for external quality assessment. The system is built in a way that guarantees the secrecy of the results. Registration of results can only be done by the participant. Only the relevant participant and the database administrator have access to them. Provision of information to third parties takes place only after the express written consent of the participant, or at the request of a competent state body authorized by law.


The inclusion of a new participant in NSVOK can be done at any time of the year. In order to best protect his interests, each participant concludes a contract with the Coordinator.

Control materials

In NSVOK, Control materials are used only from established global producers of such, with the highest possible level of traceability. Control materials of the same type with different values are randomly distributed among the participants from a purpose-built module in the NSVOK system.

Each participant receives, according to a schedule previously determined by the coordinator, control materials. The control materials are labeled with the indicated name of the Program and the period of study. The materials are delivered by a courier in a refrigerated bag with a receipt-transmission protocol and a calendar scheme for research.

When, upon receiving the control materials, the participant finds damage, the control materials are sent again by the coordinator. If the material is damaged or lost after receipt by the Participant, the cost of new material shall be borne by the Participant.


The participant measures the received control materials together with the patient samples and personally enters the obtained results into his account, within the time limit determined by the coordinator for each individual case.

The deadline for entering the results is announced on the website of NSVOK, and the participants are also notified by e-mail.

The results and statistical data of the external control are stored on the NSVOK server for a period of 3 years, and each participant can access their data at any time in their account.


The NSVOK system is cost-effective. Each participant pays a participation fee, the amount of which depends on the selected Programs. The current fees can be obtained by contacting us on any of the indicated telephone numbers.