When paying a subscription for one year, the participant enjoys a 5% discount from the final price.

Only materials from certified manufacturers with traceability to CRM are used.


The contract is open-ended, but can be terminated with at least 1 month's notice before the term for which it is paid for.


Yes! The obligation to participate in external quality control derives not from the NRD, but from Ordinance No. 1 of January 31, 2014 for the approval of the medical standard "clinical laboratory" and applies to all laboratories, regardless of whether they have a contract with the National Health Insurance Fund or not.

The certificate is recognized by all institutions and is valid for concluding a contract with the NHIF.


You don't need to install anything. All you need is Internet, e-mail and a browser.


Yes, the HE4 tumor marker has been included in the external quality control of clinical laboratories since August 1, 2022.

No! The fee covers all costs - development and maintenance of software, analysis, delivery of control materials, issuance of certificates and everything related to the functioning of NSVOK.

You can join NSVOK at any time of the year. The first step is to submit an application